5 New Opportunities

16 Jun

This week

I will be discussing with you 5 new opportunities that could bring you in a passive income from home and in your spare time. 

It seems these days that we are all looking for new and easier ways to bring in that needed extra income. 

Today, I will introduce you to 5 that do not require much time out of your day and have the potential to bring you in hundreds of dollars per month.

I am sure I have your attention and you are wondering what each of these opportunities are? So, hang on as I dive into the first of these opportunities.

Before I dive in please let me take a moment to give you my disclaimer that there will be affiliate link throughout this post that I could potentially earn money from.

Web Talk

This was something I was introduced to while scrolling Facebook one day. It is a new social media platform primarily for business much like LinkedIn in some ways. Unlike LinkedIn with this platform, you can only sign up for an account if you are invited.

 Once you receive an invitation then you can sign up for an account for free. This social media site seems to be a great place to meet potential clients, to build business connections and to promote your business or products.

One of the main benefits of this platform is that you can organize all your contacts so you can perform your media posts much easier and can use more direct and personal methods for sales and marketing. 

Another added benefit is that you have your own affiliate link to invite as many people as you like, for each person you invite you will earn $1, so not only are building a customer base for your own products and services but you are also earning money to bring them to this platform in the first place. It really just does not get much more passive than that.

Crypto Browser

This is actually an application you can add to computer, laptop, tablet or phone and use.

You can find this app in your app or apple store. The basic concept behind this app is that you build a team of miners and mine bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. You earn based on how big your team is and how much you mine per day. The more you use the browser the more you will mine and like I said you will earn more as you build your group or team. The potential here is unlimited and again it does not get much more passive.

I guess one of the most beneficial things about using this app is that you get paid to do things you are already doing. Once you earn at least 0.00001 bitcoin you can start to withdraw and use the currency how you see fit.

Swift Demand

This was something that was introduced to me through a connection on Webtalk believe it or not. However, after looking into this I thought it was an interesting idea and concept.

Basically, this is a new form of currency. 

It is not excepted really anywhere outside the platform but you also do nothing to earn it. It is given to you completely free. All you do each day is login into your account and claim a free 100 swift bucks.

After you earn enough you can go into their market place and buy from the products that are being sold. The market place is made up of products that other members are selling which allows other members to make more swift bucks and if you have products and you are willing to trade for swift buck you can also sell in this market place and potentially make more swift bucks.

The overall goal is to get this currency introduced to the public this way we can use it as a form of currency to be used in everyday transactions.

The more they can get people to partake in this endeavor the higher the chance it will be accepted by the general public and for those of us who get in now, we will have a higher probability of better financial success later.

There is really nothing to lose to be a part of this program.

Kara bars international

This is about investing in gold. The idea behind this program is to use gold as a form of everyday currency. You basically invest in gold and trade on the interest of your investment.

The more you invest the more you can potentially make. If you are skilled in trading this is definitely something you should at least look into to see if it will be a good fit for you. If you would like to learn more then jump on over to Kara bar international .

However let me point out for anyone that does not have money to invest, this is not the opportunity for you. Although you can make a lot of money with this offer you will also have to have a lot to invest and like with any kind of investing you run the risk to take a loss.

Always be sure you are only using the money you have to lose when investing, just some friendly advice.

Hashing Adspace

This opportunity is pretty interesting. This program is free to sign up for at least for now but now that they have launched it will take a $100 to buy into. (Before they launched it was totally free)

Once you buy in, all you do is watch an ad per day and you will earn Asimi for each ad you watch. Each ad is worth a different amount of asimi and thus there is no set amount you can earn per ad.

 You can increase the number of ads you watch by purchasing it. Every ad over the one per day will cost you one Asimi. The more ads you watch the more you can earn and the more you can do on this platform.

When you start really earning you can buy ad space for your own marketing ads for other members to watch and you can also buy into their affiliate program which brings even more potential to earn.

You can also withdraw this as currency and invest it in other currencies or transfer funds to your bank account.

If you have $100 to invest then this could be a very lucrative program to start.

Final thoughts

Now that I have laid out 5 new business ideas hopefully you are feeling inspired to try something new. Anyone of these opportunities could be the one to pull you out of the rut you are in or at least could change the direction you are headed.

I hope that you got something from this post. Please share this with someone who could benefit from this information. If you liked this post please let me know by giving it alike.

If you have any questions or ideas please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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